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about us

our story started in 2015, when i adopted charlie from a friend. charlie and his bun-bro louie were fighting so much that they had to be separated. when my friend learned that i have always been obsessed with bunnies, she asked me to meet charlie. when i met charlie for the first time, i knew he was the one for me. i was so happy to have charlie in my life, but i felt something was missing. in 2017, charlie and i met ella at House Rabbit Society and again, it was love at first sight.
everyday i am so happy to come home to charlie and ella. if only i could bring charlie and ella with me everywhere i go, i would always be so happy. unfortunately, bunnies are sensitive creatures and traveling can be very stressful. that's when i decided to put charlie in my pocket, so i can always be with charlie, in my own way. i never expected so many people to ask me who is that bun in my pocket, or who is that bun hanging off a giant banana? sharing stories about my bunnies gave me so much joy that I decided to create this shop to share charlie and ella with the world.
lastly, all of our designs come with a trail of fresh and healthy bunny poops because remember, a happy bun is a warm and poopy bun. hoppy shopping and don't forget to check out charlie's and ella's shenanigans on Instagram @charlie.somebunny and Facebook!