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frequently asked questions

do i need to setup an account to place an order?
you can shop at charlie.somebunny without creating an account.
can i change my address after placing the order?
please let us know as soon as possible if you have made a mistake with your address so we are able to change it for you. our email is help@charliesomebunny.com once your order has been dispatched, we cannot redirect the order to a different address.
how do i return or exchange my item?
please check out our return policy for the complete details.
what happens if i like the design on the product, but not the poops?
please email us at help@charliesomebunny.com and we can provide you with a poop-less product. however, do keep in mind that a hoppy bun is a warm and poopy bun!
where do you ship to?
currently we are only able to ship products within the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Mauritius.
the product i bought is now on sale, can you do a price adjustment?
once your order is dispatched, we cannot do a price adjustment for the item. 
which one is charlie and who is ella?
charlie is the grey-and-white mini lop rabbit pictured below. his nicknames include chawee and charbuns. he is 5 lbs cute and his birthday is estimated to be on June 24, 2014. he is adopted from an animal shelter in Palo Alto.
ella is the taupe-and-white mini lop rabbit also known as ewwa. she is also charlie's bossy bun-wife who is 6 lbs cute. her birthday is estimated to be on January 7, 2014. she is adopted from House Rabbit Society in Richmond.